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What You Need to Know About Collision Repair

Nov 14, 2022 | auto body shop

collision repair

You have been in an accident with a car. You are fine. However, your car is not. It’s now time to consider collision repair. To repair your vehicle, you will need to find a reliable local auto body shop.

A Guide To Collision Repair

It might seem intimidating if you’ve never had to make these kinds of auto repairs before. It’s easy to feel overwhelmed

You choose the repair shop and not your insurance company

Your insurance company will often have a list of recommended collision repair shops. You can choose where you want your vehicle repaired, and you don’t need to feel compelled that you have to follow their recommendation.

When the frame has been damaged, your vehicle isn’t generally totaled

If the cost of auto repairs exceeds the vehicle’s value, your insurer will consider your car “totaled”. Many assume that if the car’s frame is damaged, it is considered to be totaled. This is not always true. Modern cars and repair techniques make it easier to restore a car’s frame than ever before.

Your vehicle’s age will play a role in determining whether it is worth fixing or if it should be scrapped. It is more common to fix newer vehicles than older ones.

There could be major repairs as well as unseen car damage.

Even if your car is damaged in a minor collision, it can still sustain serious damage. Even a minor collision can cause damage to the frame and wheels, interior, or drivetrain. You should hire a car body shop Knoxville TN to inspect your vehicle thoroughly and find any damage that might not be obvious. If a small part of your car was damaged, it doesn’t need to be repainted. Auto body shops can repair paint damage in one spot with modern technology.

What are OEM and aftermarket parts?

Original manufacturer parts (OEM), are generally of higher quality than aftermarket. The OEM parts were designed for your vehicle. While aftermarket parts can be used in conjunction with OEM parts, they are not compatible.

Auto body shops are not the same

There are many auto body shops in Knoxville TN , but not all offer the same quality of service. Check their Google reviews and check their Better Business Bureau score. Ask for referrals.

Did you know that most auto body shops in Knoxville TN will NOT accept Geico insurance? Miller Brothers Auto Repair are the exception. We accept Geico auto insurance as well as other major insurance companies. In the event of a collision, Knoxville car owners can trust Miller Brothers.

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