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Auto Repair: How To Avoid Collision Because Of Road Debris

Sep 12, 2022 | auto repair

auto repair

Now that fall activities, school buses and holiday trips are in full swing, more people drive on highways, back roads, and main streets. Driving is a dangerous activity and you may need to bring your car in for auto repair if you vehicle is damaged from falling debris. There is a high chance of being hit by debris while driving, from pot holes to objects that have fallen off trucks to trash and signs broken.

While a collision can pose a danger to your safety, even minor collisions could lead to costly auto body repairs. These tips will help you reduce the chance of a collision caused by road debris.

Keep alert

You need to be alert while driving so you can quickly react to potential problems such as road debris and the sudden braking of the car in front. Alcohol and drugs can slow down your judgment and reaction time. However, distracted driving and drowsy driving are two of the leading causes of crashes. Before you hit the road, make sure you are well rested.

Watch your speed

Next, drive slowly. It’s difficult to avoid collisions when you speed and hit a pot hole or collide with road debris. You can save time by driving slower and avoiding any objects that cross your path. You can drive at a slower pace to give your brakes time to respond and avoid a collision.

The Right Stopping Sight Distance (SSD),

SSD refers to the distance that a vehicle must stop before applying brakes. The vehicle’s speed will affect the SSD. Be sure to keep an eye on your SSD and be on the lookout for road debris.

Take note of your surroundings

Always pay attention while driving, especially at night or dusk. You should always check your mirrors and scan the road ahead for any potential hazards. This can take between 20-30 seconds. You should be on the lookout if you see aggressive driving or road debris. You should pull over or slow down if you notice this behavior. Call the state or city police if you notice erratic driving ahead of you.

You should weigh the potential for injury to pedestrians or bicyclists if you must turn around to avoid something.

Keep a safe distance ahead

Maintain a safe distance between you and the car in front. Tailgating will slow down your response time and make you dependent on the driver ahead. You will not be able to move if they suddenly stop.

Alert the authorities

All drivers must work together to ensure road safety. Report dangerous debris, such as car parts or large tire pieces, to authorities as soon as possible. It could save someone’s life. Every year, thousands are killed by road debris. These tips will help you be safe while driving on the road.

Be aware of the risks. Debris crashes can pose many risks.

High Speed: Most debris-related accidents happen on interstate highways because of the high-speed limits, which are conducive for vehicle and cargo components flying off. The impact can be very severe.

Time of day: The majority of debris-related accidents occur between 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. This is when contractors and heavy equipment like furniture and tools are most likely to be involved.

Swerving: One-third of road debris-related deaths are caused by swerving to avoid an object on the road. The crash is more severe when the driver loses control of the vehicle and becomes irritated at the debris.

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