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Signs of a Poor Auto Body Paint Job

Jan 12, 2024 | auto body shop

auto body paint

auto body paint Spotting a bad auto body paint job might not be as easy as you think. Sometimes, the issues are not apparent until you see your car under the sunlight. But don’t worry, there are warning signs you can look for before you take your car home from the paint shop.

Whether you notice obvious problems or simply feel dissatisfied with the results, keep an eye out for these signs before settling the bill.

Common Auto Body Paint Mistakes


Some less reputable auto body paint shops in Corryton TN offer quick fixes, making it seem like a good idea to get your car back in a hurry. However, these technicians may skip essential steps, like properly covering areas where they’re painting. As a result, parts of your car that weren’t masked off may end up with overspray paint. Removing overspray can be challenging and may require more repainting.

Poor Color Matching

Achieving the right match for your car’s paint color can be tricky and time-consuming if you don’t have skilled painters. It’s common to overlook small streaks, blotches, or swirls on your car’s panels. These mistakes can be hard to spot, especially in indoor lighting. However, they become more evident when you inspect your car in natural sunlight or, even better, take it to another auto body shop in Corryton TN for a second opinion.

auto body paint Uneven Texture

There’s a specific technique for spraying auto paint correctly. If the paint is applied too closely to the surface, it can result in an uneven texture.

This texture might look like ripples, waves, or even the skin of an orange. Such unevenness often occurs when the auto painter rushes the job or uses heat to dry the paint quickly between layers.

Sagging or Running Paint

Sagging paint is a sight no car owner wants to see. It happens when the paint shop fails to mix the paint correctly, causing it to be too thick. When drying under a heat lamp, the thick paint starts to run, forming long, droopy paint wrinkles.

This looks unsightly, and even from a distance, it’s not something you want on your car. When this happens, the only solution is to have the car repainted.

Poor Sanding Under the Paint

To repair dents or damage on your car’s surface, body shops often use Bondo and auto-body fillers. These fillers can be shaped and sanded as they cure.

High-quality auto body fillers result in a smooth texture, but some cheap or inexperienced shops skip this crucial step. As a result, your car’s surface may have pits, strange bulges, or uneven sanding.

Don’t settle for a shoddy paint job on your car. If you notice any of these problems with your freshly painted vehicle, seek a second opinion to find the best solution.

Reviews from our customers:

M Harrup
We are so grateful for Miller Brothers! They easily worked with Geico, were friendly and communicative, and got our family vehicle road-worthy ahead of schedule, during the holidays no less!

Jackson Napier
First time using Miller Brothers, they did some body repair on my truck after an accident. Super fast, perfect work, and great communication from them. Highly recommend these guys!

If you’re looking for a trustworthy auto body paint shop, call Miller Brothers Transmission Auto Repair and Body Shop now. We’re here to help you get your car looking its best again.

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