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Exploring Car Issues After a Rear-End Collision

Feb 1, 2024 | collision repair

rear-end collision

rear-end collisionA rear-end collision is a common type of car accident, accounting for nearly a third of all crashes, especially in congested traffic or at intersections. While these accidents are less likely to cause severe injuries, they can still lead to various car problems that might not be immediately visible. Even if there is no apparent damage, it’s crucial to assess your vehicle for potential issues following a rear-end collision.

Understanding Rear-End Collisions

A rear-end collision happens when the front bumper of one car collides with the back of another. These accidents can occur at various speeds and locations, such as stop signs, traffic lights, or even on highways due to distractions or sudden stops.

Steps to Take After a Rear-End Collision

Regardless of the apparent damage, it’s essential to follow specific steps after a rear-end collision in Corryton TN to ensure safety and protect your interests:

  • Check for Injuries: Injuries might not be immediately noticeable due to adrenaline, so check yourself and others involved for injuries.
  • Move to Safety: If possible, move your vehicle to a safe location, especially if it’s blocking traffic. Activate hazard lights to warn others.
  • Avoid Admitting Fault: Even if you think you’re responsible, don’t admit fault at the scene.
  • Notify the Police: Report the accident to the police, providing accurate information.
  • Document the Scene: Take photos of the accident and any car damage.
  • Exchange Information: Collect contact details, insurance information, driver’s licenses, and plate numbers from all parties involved, including witnesses.car accident
  • Contact Your Insurance: Inform your insurance provider about the accident and inquire about filing a claim.
  • Seek Medical Attention: Prioritize your health by seeing a doctor and obtaining necessary medical treatment.
  • Vehicle Inspection: Even if there’s no visible damage, get your car checked by a reputable collision repair shop in Corryton TN, to uncover any hidden issues.

Potential Car Problems After A Collision

  • Frame Damage: A crushed or misaligned frame might not be immediately visible but can affect your car’s control and stress other components.
  • Bumper Damage: The front and rear bumpers are often the first to get damaged, resulting in dents that can usually be repaired.
  • Suspension Issues: A rear-end collision can impact your car’s suspension, affecting stability and control.
  • Check Engine Light: If the “check engine” light illuminates after the accident, it may indicate engine damage.
  • Electrical Problems: Modern cars have intricate electrical systems that can be disrupted in even minor collisions, affecting lights and safety features.
  • Aesthetic Damage: Cosmetic issues like dings, minor dents, scratches, and scuffs may not affect functionality but can lower your car’s value.

Taking these steps and thoroughly inspecting your vehicle can help ensure your safety, protect your interests, and address any potential car problems that may arise after a rear-end collision.

If you’ve been in a rear-end collision, don’t overlook the importance of a thorough vehicle inspection. Ensure your safety and the well-being of your car by having it checked for hidden damage.

Call Miller Brothers Transmission Auto Repair and Body Shop now. Our team of experts will handle any damage after a rear-end collision. 

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