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Step-by-Step Guide to Car Accident Repair Part 2

Dec 9, 2022 | auto repair

car accident repair

How does the claims process work and what is covered by your insurance, especially for car accident repair? Each accident is unique, and each policy is different. However, you need to know which factors fall within your coverage.

Fault vs. None-Fault States

The two most common systems used by the U.S. for car accident claims are:

Fault States: Any party that was at fault in an accident can be compensated. This includes your insurer or the insurance company of the other driver. This system is used by 38 states, including Maine, New Hampshire, and Vermont.

No-Fault: Compensation can only be sought through your own insurance regardless of whose fault it was. Massachusetts, New York, and twelve other states have no-fault laws. Each state has its own variations.

Collision Coverage

Collision coverage “helps pay for your car to be repaired if it is damaged in a collision or object such as a fence.” Collision coverage is generally available to drivers who are involved in an accident.

Collision insurance covers your vehicle from:

  • Single-car rollovers
  • Potholes
  • Accidents that involve objects like fences or trees
  • Accidents involving other vehicles

Comprehensive Coverage

Comprehensive car insurance covers damage to your vehicle due to covered events like theft, vandalism, hail, and other non-collision-related events.

Comprehensive insurance covers damage to your vehicle starting at:

  • Theft
  • Natural disasters
  • Fire
  • Animals
  • Falling objects

If you lease or finance a vehicle, comprehensive and collision insurance coverage is usually required. These policies do not cover damage to other people’s vehicles or medical bills (yours and anyone else’s). Liability insurance covers the damages to property and medical injuries of “other drivers” if they are at fault in an accident.

Car Accident Repair Tips

Do you have Geico Insurance? Did you know that many auto repair shops in the Knoxville area do not accept Geico Insurance? Miller Brothers Auto Repair is proud to partner with your local Geico insurance company to provide top-quality collision repair.

1. You have the option to choose your auto repair shop.

Contrary to what your insurer may tell you, you don’t have to take your car to the auto shop they recommend. While your insurance company may have a list that recommends the best auto shops, it is ultimately up to you to choose.

2. Take a look at a few repair estimates.

You can save time and money by getting estimates from multiple repair shops to find the best price. Don’t be tempted by the lowest price. Sometimes, the cheapest option won’t produce the best quality auto repairs.

3. Make sure that the replacement parts are brand new if your insurance covers them.

You will find out whether OEM or aftermarket parts are allowed to be used for your vehicle’s repair under your insurance policy. Aftermarket parts are not always the best option because they are manufactured by a different company than your vehicle. OEM parts should be included in your lease agreement if your car is on a contract.

4. All insurance communications can be handled by your auto shop.

Except for initiating the claims process, you don’t need to act as a middleman between your auto repair shop and your insurance company. From the initial estimate through final billing, your repair shop should coordinate all aspects of the work that is being done on your vehicle.

5. If you discover new damage, ask to be notified.

Auto mechanics may find additional damage while they are fixing your repair. To notify your insurance company, technicians must report any additional damage to be approved to do these repairs.

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