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Do All Auto Repair Shops Report To CARFAX

Oct 10, 2022 | auto body shop

auto body shop

“Show me your CARFAX!” The catchphrase is probably familiar to you. You may also remember the fox mascot in commercials. But have you ever considered how simple a CARFAX report could impact you? A CARFAX report can help buyers avoid buying a lemon that will turn out to be a nightmare. CARFAX can gather information about your vehicle in a variety of ways, including police reports, DMV and insurance company. What about the little accident? Will your auto body shop provide CARFAX information about it? How will this affect you?

Let’s see what happens.

What is CARFAX? How does it work?

A CARFAX report, which is a history of a vehicle, is created by third parties. CARFAX reports are available for free from many dealerships so potential buyers can make an informed decision. The report will include:

  • Repair history
  • Readings of the odometer
  • Past owners
  • Reported accidents
  • If the car was scrapped, junked, or called a lemon.
  • If the car was a fleet vehicle.
  • Lien history and repossession
  • Manufacturer recalls
  • Status of emission inspection and so forth.

Our main goal is to stop people being scammed when they buy a car. It is less risky to purchase a used car if you have more information. This sounds great in theory. However, there are some downsides that we will soon explain.

Where does the data come from?

It’s likely that you are a little shocked at how much information can be found on a CARFAX. Where does all this information come from? CARFAX draws from over 92,000 sources in order to produce a single report. These are just a few of the sources CARFAX draws upon:

  • Manufacturers of vehicles
  • Fire departments
  • The US and Canada have motor vehicle agencies
  • Enforcement agencies
  • Collision repair and autobody shops
  • Salvage auctions
  • Service and maintenance shops
  • Insurance companies
  • Enterprises that rent/fleet vehicles
  • Extended warranty companies
  • Import and export of automobiles
  • Stations for inspection

CARFAX reports can be accessed for any accident that you have, even if the incident has not been reported. CARFAX reports are compiled from information from many sources, including collision repair shops. They include everything from minor accidents to the most serious.

CARFAX warns that not all accidents are reported and not all information is easily accessible so they cannot guarantee 100% accuracy.

Is An Auto Body Shop Required to Report to CARFAX

An auto body shop in Knoxville TN, mainly collision repair center could submit reports to CARFAX. Not all auto body shops would want to contact CARFAX to give an update about a vehicle. You can always ask questions if you’re unsure. CARFAX can still access your vehicle’s information even if your body shop didn’t directly connect to the company. These are:

You can get multiple estimates or request quotes for repairs. Even if you’re only need a scratch or dent repair, some software can automatically report to CARFAX.

  • You can order parts by entering the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN)
  • Making an insurance claim.
  • Going to a dealer.

Auto body shops may also claim to report to CARFAX based on the principle of record keeping. If someone is looking to buy your vehicle in the future, they will be able to see a clear maintenance history. CARFAX automatically records these services and makes it possible for the owner to decide whether or not the information is shared.

Does Reporting Cause Trouble?

This automatic reporting feature can cause drivers to be confused. Let’s start with the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN). CARFAX uses the VIN to keep track of what happened to your vehicle. It is also used for many services such as insurance and auto body shops.

What happens next? Some people have noticed an increase in their insurance rates. Some people have also reported seeing their insurance rates rise when they trade in. CARFAX conducted their own inspection and determined that the damage was significant enough to warrant structural damage, even if it was a minor fender bender.

Many auto repair shops agree with this statement. The reports do not relate to your vehicle’s history. Although you can opt out of CARFAX reporting by contacting your insurance company, there may be details about your car already.

Last Thoughts

CARFAX is used by auto body shops as well as other businesses and organizations. They also regularly report to the company. CARFAX reports are almost always automatic. Most people don’t know how much information is sent to CARFAX, until it affects them. Ask your local auto body shop if they report to CARFAX. It is possible to opt out of reporting.

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