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Which is Better: Auto Body Repair Shop or Dealership?

Oct 12, 2022 | auto body shop

auto body shop

There may be a discussion after you purchase a car. Do you prefer to go to the dealer or an independent auto body repair shop? There is a constant debate among car owners. It seems that half of those who ask are loyal to dealerships, while the other half prefer independent shops. Both options have their risks and benefits, so your choice of which option to choose will depend on your personal preferences.

Do Dealerships Do Collision Repair?

People often ask if dealerships offer collision repair. Every dealership will have its own service department, with certified auto mechanics who can handle any type of collision repair that may be required for your vehicle. Some dealerships may outsource body repairs to third-party shops due to time and cost constraints.

Although dealers are skilled in standard repairs, when it comes to bodywork such as that required following a collision, they generally appear to be a lot more concerned with the cost and time needed for the auto repair than actually fixing the vehicle properly.

Are Dealerships Licensed to Perform Body Work?

Most dealers do bodywork on the make and model they sell. If they don’t have enough time or the ability to do it themselves, some dealerships will hire someone else to do it. Many dealerships feel pressured to finish bodywork as quickly as possible. Service fees and repair costs are often tied to the time it takes to fix a vehicle.

This encourages dealership service personnel to complete repairs as quickly as possible. A dealership can make a profit if a technician completes a job in a shorter time than expected.

Are Dealership Mechanics Better?

Dealership technicians often have factory training and are familiar with the makes and models that are sold by the dealership. Are they any better than independent body shops? But not always. Independent auto mechanic has often received the same factory training and may be more skilled if they’ve been in this industry for longer periods.

Independent auto body shops have mechanics that possess more experience and technical knowledge when it comes to fixing any vehicle. Collision Centers can be designated by auto body shops for certain makes and models. This means that they are independently certified by the automaker to perform repairs.

Collision Repair Shop vs. Dealer

These are the main factors that will determine whether you take your car to a local collision shop or dealer.

1. Price

Independent auto repair shops are cheaper than dealerships when it comes to repairs. People who visit dealerships to repair their cars end up spending more. Independent shops can save car owners who are budget conscious by repairing their cars at a lower cost. People who choose to go to dealers claim that although they are more expensive on average, they get more skilled workers. This is not always true.

2. Experience

The arguments over the mechanics’ experience and knowledge seem to be a constant battle. One thing is certain: Dealership workers work with a limited number of car brands. Independent car repair shops work with a larger range.

Dealership mechanics might have greater knowledge about a specific model and may be able to do better work because of it. Independent mechanics may not have the same knowledge as dealers. A blue seal of excellence is a certification that demonstrates the quality of independent shops in the United States. This means they have passed multiple exams to validate their status. They must also be renewed every few years.

3. Parts

Although most garages can access the parts needed for your unique car repairs, dealerships are more likely to have those parts than they have to because they specialize in certain makes and models. They specialize in specific cars and are familiar with the availability of specialty parts.

Bring To A Reputable Auto Body Repair Shop

Ultimately, it is your decision where to take your car for repair. Independent auto repair shops might be more knowledgeable about your car than dealers, but they may be cheaper. It is important to research your options before you make any major decisions.

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