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Should You Go To The Dealership Or An Auto Repair Shop?

Jan 3, 2023 | auto repair

auto repair shop

Car problems can be a real pain! What’s worse is that many of us wonder if we should take our cars to the dealer or to a local auto repair shop. Both have their benefits but also have their drawbacks. Which one is best for you? Let’s look at the pros and cons of having your vehicle serviced by a local dealership or repair shop.

Major Repairs or Average Oil Change?

A local auto repair shop is a great option if you need regular vehicle maintenance. Independent auto repair shops in Knoxville are skilled in regular repairs and preventative maintenance for all makes and models of cars, trucks, or fleet vehicles. They can perform oil changes and fluid substitutions faster than a dealership and at a lower cost.

How old is your car?

Take your brand-new car to the dealer if it isn’t running correctly. Repair should be covered because your car is still under warranty. If you find that your repair will require an out-of-pocket expense, contact your mechanic to discuss the options.

Start with your local mechanic if your car has more than 50,000 miles or is an older model. Your local auto repair team will have faster access to older parts than a dealership and can fix your car quicker.

No matter what age, local mechanics have the experience to repair all makes and models of vehicles. Local mechanics are more likely to find the “whirring” or “clicking sound, without needing to do expensive diagnostics. Independent mechanics are also able to complete repairs in a short time frame, which makes it more affordable for older cars.

Do you need multiple repairs done at the same time?

How would you feel about having an oil change and radiator flush at the same time as your brake pads? It is difficult to resist the convenience of having all three services done at once. You can get any combination of services for your car at a local auto shop. Each repair is subject to a minimum number of hours that can be billed by dealers. Dealers will charge three separate fees for every repair if your vehicle is brought in by you. The flip side is that all work hours and parts costs are combined in one invoice by a mechanic.

VIP Customer Service

Local mechanics offer a great customer experience. Local mechanics take the time to get familiar with you and your vehicle. You will become more familiar with your mechanics through repeat business and building rapport. A relationship with your mechanics leads to better results, more honest communication, and a pleasant customer experience.

Visit your local auto repair shop in Corryton TN

Your local mechanic is your best option for routine maintenance that’s more affordable. They can combine multiple services into one visit with one invoice. Your local mechanic can access older parts that are rare and available to save your vehicle in an emergency, unlike a dealer.

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