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Why is Wheel Alignment Important? Here are the Facts

Nov 29, 2022 | auto repair

wheel alignment

Your car’s wheels should be pointed straight at the road. It must also meet the road at the appropriate angle. You also need to ensure that your tires are centered in the wheel wells. You could have many problems when you’re driving if your wheels aren’t aligned properly. That’s why wheel alignment is crucial.

The importance of wheel alignment

Here are four reasons to make sure your car wheels stay aligned.

You can extend the life span of your tires.

If your car doesn’t have the appropriate wheel alignment, it will cause uneven wear to your tires. Your tires’ lifespan can be affected by this. This can also mean that your tires will need to be replaced sooner.

You can extend the life span of your suspension and steering systems.

Bad alignment can cause stress to your suspension and steering system. It may result in uneven wear and tear which can lead to costly repairs.

You Can Lower Your Fuel Costs.

The wheel alignment has a direct correlation with fuel costs. A car with aligned wheels will get more fuel mileage than one that is not. Because misaligned wheels will not work properly together, this is why you get better fuel mileage. This will cause your engine to work harder to propel your car forward. This can reduce your fuel efficiency.

You can enjoy a smooth and safe driving experience.

Your car may pull to one side or the other if your wheels are not in alignment. You may find it difficult to drive your car due to this. This can cause a bumpy ride that distracts you from driving safely.

Is wheel alignment necessary?

At least once to twice annually, wheel alignment is required. Tires are susceptible to wear and tear. If you drive on bumpy roads frequently, your tires can quickly wear down. You can prevent costly repairs by getting your tires aligned regularly. You can also avoid accidents by having your tires properly aligned.

How to tell if your wheels are misaligned

These are some of the signs that your car may be out of alignment.

  • Tires are showing uneven wear.
  • Your steering wheel is not in the center.
  • The steering wheel vibrates and shakes often.
  • Your car pulls frequently to the right or left.

Bring your car to a certified auto repair shop if you see any of these issues. The auto mechanic will then inspect your wheels and properly align them.

What to Expect During a Wheel Alignment

Wheel alignment is usually a service that can be done at your home. An auto mechanic can typically align your car’s wheels within an hour. After the alignment is complete, your car can be driven home safely.

Sometimes, a mechanic may recommend that you replace some or all of your tires as part of an alignment. The mechanic will evaluate your tires and determine your tire pressure during an alignment. The auto mechanic will be able to replace any of your tires as part of the wheel alignment service.

Bottom line: Get your car’s wheels aligned immediately

Bring your car to a trusted auto body shop if it shows signs of being out of alignment. A professional opinion can help you align your wheels so you can drive safely again.

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