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How to Prepare for Winter Driving

Nov 10, 2022 | auto repair

winter driving

Drivers face unique challenges in the colder months. Winter driving can be more challenging than in spring or fall due to shorter daylight hours and unpredictable weather conditions. It’s crucial to prepare your vehicle for winter and to adjust the driving style to accommodate winter driving hazards that you haven’t encountered in a while.

Continue reading to find out how to prepare your car for winter. Also, take advantage of our winter driving tips to help keep your car safe when on the road.

Preparing your vehicle for winter driving

It is important to drive safely throughout the year. The months leading up to the winter season are a good time to schedule regular car maintenance and auto repairs to ensure your vehicle’s optimal performance.

You can make sure you and your car is safe on the roads. This is especially important in the winter so be sure to check your tire pressure, and tread depth, change the oil, make sure your heater works, and test your brakes. You should also brush up on any basic repairs you can make this winter. There are many DIY tips for hail damage repairs that will save you money and help maintain your vehicle in the face of severe weather.

What are the driving dangers associated with winter driving?

Both spring and summer have their unique hazards. However, winter presents unique challenges.

These are the top winter driving dangers that you need to be aware of:


Snow can be beautiful and fun, but it also poses a number of dangers on the road. It is very slippery in snow and can make driving difficult. It’s easy to slide on roads and put you and other drivers at risk. It can also reduce your visibility, especially during storms, and cover the roads, making it harder to spot potholes, debris, and other hazards.

Icy Roads

The risk of you losing control of your vehicle due to ice on roads is significantly higher than if it’s not covered by snow. Remember that ice can be hard to see in the dark, or when it is covered with snow. It can be life-saving to learn how to navigate icy roads. When you come across the ice, slow down and be mindful. Make sure you leave enough space between you and other vehicles. Avoid driving in treacherous conditions.

Conditions of low visibility

Your window of clear visibility shrinks as the days become shorter. Driving at night can be dangerous for many reasons. Many people are forced to commute in the dark. You should be prepared for low visibility in all seasons, regardless of whether you are dealing with nightfall, snow, fog, and hail.

What winter gear should you have in your car?

In case of an emergency, make sure you have enough supplies in case your car gets damaged or is in an accident. This is particularly important if your car is in remote areas, or when you are driving in freezing conditions.

Online purchasing of winter emergency car kits is possible, or you can make your own. But it’s essential to have the basics. These are the essentials we recommend you keep in your winter emergency vehicle kit.

  • A fully charged cell phone is a must – You should also keep an extra battery and/or a portable charger in your car.
  • Clothes and blankets: If your car is inoperable, you will need extra blankets, gloves, and hats to keep you and your passengers warm until help arrives.
  • Tire chains – These are especially important for driving at higher elevations and on icy roads.
  • A shovel is useful in case you are stuck in the snow and have to dig your way out.
  • A windshield scraper – A windshield scraper is necessary to see the roads clearly.
  • Battery-powered radio – Even if your phone doesn’t have a signal, it may still be possible to get help via the radio. Don’t forget extra batteries!
  • Extra batteries for a flashlight – A flashlight can save your life, if you have to reach safety or seek the attention of someone in the dark.
  • Water and snacks are vital in emergencies.
  • A first-aid kit includes pain medication, bandages and a knife.
  • Jumper cables – Cold weather can cause stress to your car’s battery so it is a good idea that you have jumper cables.

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