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How to Align Your Tires Correctly

May 17, 2023 | Auto maintenance


alignmentIt’s common for your mechanic to recommend an alignment service on your car. You should do this every six months or as soon as possible if there’s been a collision that may have caused damage.

What is alignment? The alignment is a suspension-tuning device that affects the performance of your tires. The alignment of your vehicle is a complex system that involves measuring suspension angles and adjusting suspension components.

Tire wear, comfort, and fuel efficiency are all affected by the alignment of tires. Find a reliable auto shop that provides quality auto services.

What is the difference between your suspension alignment?

Potholes are a normal part of wear. Potholes Curbs. Minor accidents. When your suspension wears out, or if your suspension is hit by a pothole, curb, or something else in a minor crash, the alignment can be thrown off. Aligning wheels and tires is important. You could damage your tires if they’re not aligned. This will also affect the handling of your vehicle.

Tire Performance

The suspension may be out of alignment if the pressure is not even. This can make your car work harder than necessary on the tire. The tire is rubbing against the road because of the increased resistance.

Tires can wear unevenly due to this resistance. They will eventually become worn only on one side. Driving on uneven tires is dangerous, and you may have to buy tires sooner than if you had a proper alignment.


You may feel vibrations in your steering wheel when tires start to wear unevenly. Uneven tread can also cause the tires to produce more road noise.

Fuel Efficiency

Tires that wear unevenly make your car work harder. Fuel consumption increases as the vehicle works harder. When the tires are not aligned and begin to wear unevenly the gas costs will increase.

Alignment Verification

The wheel alignment of the vehicle must be checked if there are any vibrations or if the steering wheel is free-rolling. Small wheel misalignments can go unnoticed, resulting in increased fuel consumption and tire wear.

Keep an eye on the alignment of your vehicle to ensure a comfortable and confident ride. You’ll also save money in the future! Call Miller Brothers Transmission Auto Repair and Body Shop now.

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