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How Does An Auto Warranty Work?

Sep 21, 2022 | auto repair

Auto warranty

A factory auto warranty is included with every new vehicle. The warranty covers most damage to the vehicle.

Factory warranties are subject to expiration. You can buy an extended care protection plan to keep the same coverage as a factory warranty.

A vehicle warranty works like an insurance policy. If the vehicle goes down, you can take it to a mechanic for an auto repair service. The warranty covers the cost of repairs, even if the vehicle needs thousands of dollars of work.

To get a better understanding about extended auto warranties, you should ask these questions before choosing an auto warranty provider.

How are claims dealt with?

You should take your vehicle to a licensed auto repair shop if it has a mechanical problem. Roadside assistance is available if your extended warranty includes this service.

An extended auto protection plan will allow you to take your vehicle to a car dealer or national repair chain, or to any local auto body shop with a license to do auto body repairs. You may not be able to choose the repair center you want, which could limit your options.

After diagnosing the problem, the auto mechanic contacts the service administrator to begin repairs.

After repairs are approved, the mechanic can start work. Sometimes, an adjuster may be called to inspect the vehicle before any repairs can begin.

What about claims payments?

If you do not choose an extended warranty, the claim payment process could be difficult. You might have to fill out a form, wait for the check to arrive and then submit it again.

Auto warranties that are the best make payments directly to the mechanic using a corporate credit card once repairs have been authorized. This prevents you from getting caught between the warranty administrator and auto repair center. Miller Brothers works with most extended warranty carriers. This saves you the hassle of being in the middle.

What are extended warranties?

There are many ways to pay for extended warranties. It is easiest to pay the entire warranty in full at the time you purchase the vehicle. You can also opt for a payment plan that lasts up to 24 months, provided you make a down payment. Better warranty providers will accept credit cards and debit payments.

Do you know of other financial advantages?

Extended car warranties can be used to insure your vehicle in multiple ways. They are a great way to protect your car from inflation. When you buy your warranty, the cost is fixed. You’ll still be covered if the price of labor or parts increases. This is a cost-saving measure compared to paying out of pocket for inflationary expenses.

Is the sales tax paid covered under my warranty?

Many auto owners are not aware that the sales tax paid on the car is not covered under a warranty in Tennessee. It pays to read the fine print of your warranty.

We had a customer with an extended warranty. The sales person said all he would have to pay if something came up would be $100 deductible. The customer had to have a $6,000 repair. Yes the warranty covered the repair, less the $100 deductible. However, in the fine print of the warranty it states that it does not cover tax. Tax in Tennessee at 9.27% which cost him an additional $600. He was very upset. He was deceived. Yes it’s great they covered repairs but he was not ready for an additional $600 bill.

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