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Do Not DIY These Auto Repairs

Jan 9, 2023 | auto repair

auto repair

Many people prefer to repair their cars at home. While it is possible to save money on some auto repairs, you should still visit an auto mechanic for all other more complex tasks. No matter your reason for doing vehicle repairs yourself, these are seven things you should never do:

Transmission Repairs

Transmissions are complex pieces of machinery. It is intertwined in modern vehicles with computer systems. Any damage to the transmission could have an adverse effect on the entire car’s system. It is recommended to seek professional transmission service at your nearest trusted auto repair shop to get the best results.


This may look like an easy car repair, particularly if you have the tools necessary to install the shocks. This is one of the most dangerous jobs you can do at home. You will need to raise your car on jack stands to replace the shocks. Also, you will need to work underneath your vehicle to reach the parts. If the jack stands move or fall, this can lead to disaster. The mechanics will lift your car and replace the shocks with equipment designed for optimum safety.


Although it may appear that your brakes are routine auto maintenance, they can be quite complicated. You and your family are at risk if you don’t replace the brakes correctly. This is a dangerous risk that no one should take.


Although it may seem like an easy fix, the radiator is complex. There are videos out there that make radiator repair look easy, but in reality, it is a difficult task. If the radiator isn’t replaced correctly or the hoses aren’t filled properly, your engine could overheat and die.

Timing Belt

Your vehicle’s timing belt controls many functions. To access the timing belt, you will need to disassemble at most half of your engine. Once there, everything needs to be aligned and reassemble correctly. You could experience system failure if any of the components are not in proper alignment.

Replacing Head Gasket

Head gaskets are an integral part of any engine. It will wear down over time. If you have the right tools, this is a labor-intensive job. It is possible to cause disaster by trying to replace the head gasket yourself.

Fuel pumps

Fuel pumps were once simple equipment that was easy to replace at home. However, this is not the case anymore. An auto mechanic should perform a specialty repair on the fuel pump due to all of the new technology installed in newer vehicles.

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