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What Are Your Car Repair Options After An Accident

Mar 20, 2023 | auto repair

car repair

Miller Brothers Auto Body Shop works with ALL insurance companies, including Geico

You may have bring your vehicle to a shop for a car repair service if you are in a serious accident. However, in minor accidents, are you required to spend the money on repairs or can you keep it for your own use?

It depends on your circumstances whether you are required to repair your vehicle after an accident or insurance claim. Your lender will require repairs if you have a vehicle loan.

DIY Car Repair?

You won’t likely be permitted to fix the vehicle yourself if there is a lien. You may be required by your lender to use an approved auto repair shop in Knoxville, TN, or at least one that guarantees their work.

You may be able to repair your car yourself if you own the vehicle. Ask your agent for details. You can be certain that your insurance policy won’t be affected if you do your own repairs.

What if I have a car loan?

You should repair your vehicle if you have a loan. The mechanic may be pre-approved by your lender. Your lender will require that your collateral, the car, be in good condition and you must repair any damage.

You do not own the car if you are still paying the loan payments. You, as a partial owner of the vehicle, have the responsibility to make repairs in a timely manner. To ensure that you have complete coverage, many lenders will require that your auto policy lists them as a loss payer. This is also how lenders will know if a claim has been filed.

Can I lose my insurance if I don’t fix the car?

If you wish to keep your vehicle’s collision or comprehensive coverages, the insurance company will need to make repairs. If the vehicle has already been damaged, the insurance company will not continue to insure it for future physical damage.

Any existing damage would be made worse by a second accident. The insurance company would only pay you once for pre-existing damages. It wouldn’t want to pay more for any additional damage.

The insurance company will usually ask you to cancel your physical damage coverage for a vehicle that has not been repaired. You and the body shop that did the repairs will need to submit proof of repair.

You have more control over whether you want to repair your car or not by owning it. Insurance companies will often offer you the choice to either total the vehicle or purchase it back. This is when the insurance company will give you the car back and the cash value, then less the salvage yard auction price.

Any safety concern that could have prevented you from driving your vehicle to its original destination will be addressed when the time comes to purchase it back. States will have different requirements for getting the vehicle back on the roads. New Jersey, for example, requires vehicles older than eight years to be issued a salvage certificate. The vehicle must then be subject to a special inspection in order to prove that it is roadworthy. The results of the inspection will determine if the cost to insure the vehicle is worth it.

An insurance company could deny coverage if there is structural damage or frame damage. Always check with your claims adjuster if you are interested in insuring a vehicle that has been damaged.

What happens if you don’t file an accident claim?

A driver may choose not to report a claim to their insurance company. It is possible to avoid an increase in your premiums. You may be at fault for a single-car accident, which is not covered by many policies. You may not wish to file a claim if you are able to afford the repairs. You may not have any other option but to file if another vehicle is involved.

It can be tempting to spend your insurance money on things other than car repairs. If the damage is minor and you require the money, this can be possible. You can keep your car’s value intact if you plan to sell it down the road. You can always get the repairs done later by a reliable auto shop if you absolutely need it. You can always let your insurance agent know the completion date so that you can restore coverage for physical damage.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs).

What happens if the car repair cost is different than the insurance estimate?

While the mechanic and the insurer are negotiating repair costs, it is in your best interests to be attentive. The type of parts used, the amount of labor required, and whether they are repaired or replaced will all affect the price. The closer you are able to reach an agreement among all parties, the lower the final cost.

Is it worth fixing a car?

It can be hard to decide whether to keep your vehicle or sell it off when it becomes more expensive and needs frequent repairs. While there are many opinions about when a vehicle is not worth fixing, there are some common rules. It may be time for you to sell your car if a major auto repair costs more than half the car’s worth or the car is unsafely unreliable.

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