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Car Maintenance Tips Before A Road Trip

Feb 6, 2023 | auto body shop

car maintenance

A road trip is an exciting adventure, but car trouble can quickly put a damper on the fun. Don’t let it ruin your plans. Take some proactive steps in car maintenance to make sure that you and your vehicle are prepared for whatever lies ahead! A little time spent performing simple maintenance tasks before departure may save you from spending hours in the service station during vacation instead of enjoying all those miles between destinations.

Car Maintenance Tips

Check The Battery

Maintain your car’s battery annually after it ages two years or more. This includes checking the connection is secure and free of corrosion, which may require a wire brush if there’s buildup. Though you can try to clean off any corrosion yourself, be sure to take necessary precautions as batteries contain corrosive acid that could spill if connectors are forcefully removed. For added safety and peace of mind, an auto mechanic should check on your vehicle’s power source each year.

Check Belts and Hoses

It’s critical to ensure your car’s electrical, power steering, and cooling systems are functioning optimally. Have the engine belts and hoses inspected regularly – checking for fraying or cracking of the belts, as well as any leaks or drips with regard to hoses. Additionally, make sure your belt tension is secure without excess slack. To keep up-to-date on recommended service intervals according to your particular vehicle model; consult its owner’s manual – typically starting at 60k miles in some cases!

Change Filters and Top Off Fluids

Before taking a road trip, make sure to inspect your car’s vital fluids and verify they are up to the levels outlined by its manufacturer. It is also recommended that you top these off if necessary or have an oil change before traveling – this will ensure optimal performance on longer journeys. The NHTSA advises drivers to check their engine coolant/antifreeze tank for any potential leaks in order to prevent unforeseen issues when out on the highway.

To keep your car running at its best, it’s important to stay up-to-date on simple maintenance tasks such as routinely replacing the engine air filter. This small step prevents dirt and debris from compromising acceleration performance by clogging or otherwise obstructing the system.

Check Lights and Electrical System

Ensure all the lights of your car are working, and swap out any bulbs that may have burned out. Maintaining active windshield wipers is essential too; experts recommend changing them up every 6 months to ensure they effectively wipe away water while staying streak-free. To make sure you’re road trip ready, also inspect air conditioning systems — should it not be blowing as coldly as usual in warm climates, consider taking it for an auto service checkup with an experienced auto mechanic in Knoxville TN!

Inspect The Brakes

Worn brake pads can be the cause of unexpected squeals when you hit the brakes. Don’t take risks on roads – have them professionally inspected before your next drive! Does pressing down feel more like sinking into a sponge rather than making contact with solid resistance? This could indicate low levels of braking fluid, so check this and top it off to ensure maximum safety while out on frequent drives.

Check The Tires

Make sure your car is ready for the road with a comprehensive tire check! According to the NHTSA, start by ensuring tires are properly inflated when cold before any trip, and don’t forget about your spare. You can also check tread quality using the penny method; if Abe Lincoln’s head is visible on top, it may be time for a new set of rubber. Uneven wear? That could mean it’s high time for an alignment or rotation. Have yours inspected at home by an experienced mechanic now.

Make sure your vehicle is ready to hit the road before you embark on any long-distance trips. If there’s something that needs fixing, it’s better to diagnose and repair potential issues ahead of time rather than having an unexpected breakdown during vacation! Don’t hesitate to consult a professional car technician if needed – they can help ensure a smooth journey for all.

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