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Is It A Good Idea To Bring My Own Parts To A Mechanic?

Oct 24, 2022 | auto repair


Most often, when you bring your car to an auto shop, they will make repairs or replace any damaged parts using the parts that are available or ordered. Sometimes drivers wonder if it is possible to save money by buying parts themselves and taking them to the mechanic. Before you make the purchase and start shopping around, let’s look at the possible repercussions. Can I bring my parts to a mechanic with me? Yes. Do I need to bring my parts to the mechanic?

Can I bring my own parts to an auto repair shop?

“Can I bring my parts to a mechanic?” You might ask. While the answer is straightforward – typically, yes – you need to take into account all possible consequences.


It might seem obvious that purchasing auto parts yourself will save you money. You can shop around to find very affordable parts. This can end up costing you more in the long-term. You might end up buying a part that isn’t compatible with your vehicle (and then it will need to be repaired or replaced). You might also end up buying a substandard product that, while it may be cheaper, won’t last. Third, because they’re losing money on parts, some mechanics might charge more for labor. Last but not least, a mechanic will not give you a warranty if you bring your parts. Some mechanics may ask you to sign a waiver in order for you not to be held responsible if the part fails or becomes unusable. You are responsible for the parts you choose.


If you don’t know what you are doing, you might end up with an incompatible part. A lower-quality part might also be available. The product might be harmful to your vehicle’s health in either case. You might need to replace the part sooner or your car may break down. The warranty would cover the replacement if you used parts provided by an auto technician. However, since you bought the parts yourself, replacements will be your responsibility.


Most mechanics will not approve of you bringing your own parts. While they might be open to the idea, they will likely not accept it unless you state that you don’t expect a warranty. However, they will be concerned about the product quality and the possibility of a failure. The Auto bodywork mechanic may be sued if a substandard part is installed at the customer’s request and causes injury or physical damage. Your mechanic won’t be happy if you bring in a box of parts that have been pre-purchased.

Can I also bring my parts to a mechanic?

You shouldn’t bring your own parts to an auto shop, just as you wouldn’t eat at a restaurant if you don’t have your own butter and bread. While we understand that purchasing parts from the internet might seem appealing, it is important to consider all possible consequences before you go to an auto supply shop. Some mechanics won’t accept any outside parts. Others will charge you more for labor. If the part doesn’t work or breaks, you will be held responsible. You will ultimately save money if you let the pros handle the job. The warranty will give you peace of mind.

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