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Auto Shop Tips: How To Match Your Car’s Paint Color

Apr 13, 2023 | auto body shop

Auto shop

There are many shades of automotive paint available that you can choose from, whether you’re buying a car or customizing an existing vehicle. What if you need a replacement part for your vehicle, such as a bumper that has been damaged in an accident? Of course, you can bring your vehicle to an auto shop but you can also do it yourself. You can paint it to match. You can match the color of your vehicle’s paint with a touchup paint bottle, regardless of whether it is chipping or needs to be repainted.

It is best to match a car’s paint code by finding the color code on your vehicle. You can search online for your vehicle’s exact paint code by entering the make, year, and color. A reputable body shop can provide professional advice if necessary.


  • Car paint is composed of three ingredients: solvent, pigment, and resin.
  • The paint’s durability is determined by the resin
  • Paints can be applied with a solvent because it gives them viscosity.
  • The pigment is what gives color to a product. The pigment is usually a powder that contains both color and toner. This helps you achieve the perfect shade.

These three elements all have an impact on the final quality of the paint job. You can’t simply match the vehicle’s pigment and call it a day. You need to match the paint with a trusted brand of automotive paint. Professional auto mechanics can help you achieve this quality result.

What is a COLOR CODE?

A color code, as the name suggests, is the code that corresponds to the color of your vehicle. If your paint needs to be repainted, you can easily match the color, resin, and solvent to your vehicle with a replacement paint bottle. It is easy to find the right paint for your vehicle once you have it coded. Online or in an auto body shop in Knoxville TN, you can find automotive paint that matches your vehicle’s color code. However, they might need to order it for you.


Although the paint code for your car is usually listed on your vehicle, where it is located will depend on which manufacturer it is. The following are possible places where you can locate the paint code on your vehicle:

  • The VIN
  • Below the driver’s chair
  • Center console
  • Drivers side sun visor
  • Drivers side door jamb
  • Glove box
  • Trunk lid
  • The radiator
  • Spare tire wheel well

The Owner’s Manual and your vehicle’s service record will also provide the paint code.


If you can’t find the exact color code on your vehicle you can also look it up using a paint matcher tool. This tool allows you to enter your vehicle’s make, year, and model. The machine will then give you a paint match.

To have your paint match and repaired on your vehicle, you can also visit a body shop. Auto body shops are experts in repairing dent damage and body panels. These auto repairs often include repainting the damaged parts.


The location of the color code varies by car brand. Some are placed in the wheel well or under the hood. While others can be found in the driver-side door jamb or under the trunk cover.

Once you have the color code, you can use it. Once you have determined your vehicle’s color code, take it to an auto shop in Knoxville TN. You may find the paint in stock or have to order it. You can also order paint online by entering your color code and doing a simple Google search.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the best way to find my paint code and my VIN number?

The VIN cannot be used to locate the paint code, however, you can use it to search for the car and locate the paint code. It is easier to locate the paint code on your car or search the make, model, and year of your car for the code.

Which car paint color is easiest to match?

White. It is easy to match the color if it is pure White. You will still need the vehicle’s color code if the car is creme- or off-white.

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