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Can I Choose An Auto Repair Shop Following a Tennessee Car Accident?

Oct 26, 2022 | auto repair

auto repair shop

Tennessee is a common place for car accidents. Tennessee saw 2,950 deaths in 2019 from car accidents. These fatal collisions resulted in 3,183 deaths. In 2020, Broward County had 268 deaths and 18,984 injuries. Survivors are more concerned about their injuries after these collisions. A car accident lawyer can recommend this medical care. The car of the crash survivor may have suffered scratches, dents, or other damage. You may also be subject to more severe vehicular damage. They will need to fix the vehicle. This is where the problem of fixing their car arises. The next step for victims of car accidents is to ask themselves if they have the right choice of which auto repair shop to use. A car accident lawyer is the best person to consult since they might not know the answer.

Can I choose my own vehicle repair shop after a Tennessee car accident?

Yes, victims of car accidents can choose the auto repair shop they want after an accident. Tennessee law does not prohibit this. If you are seeking to recover the repair costs from an at-fault party, this is the general principle. You can file a claim with the insurance company. You must follow the terms of your insurance policy if you do.

It’s important to note that your insurance policy could allow your insurer to select your repair shop, so your vehicle can only be repaired at authorized facilities. You should carefully read your insurance policy. You won’t unknowingly violate the terms of your contract by using an unlicensed repairer. You can also choose to accept or reject this contract term. You can also choose your repair shop to avoid this provision. This right is available even if you are referred to one repairer by your insurer.

Car Accident Evaluation and Assessment

Insurance companies will usually investigate any car accident before they pay any compensation. This investigation usually takes place before any vehicle repairs. This applies regardless of whether you use their repair shop. The company also wants to ensure that the accident is real. The insurer also conducts an inspection to determine the extent of damage. They’ll also calculate the cost of repairs. The inspection is often done by the insurance company sending a professional. They may visit your home or park at the vehicle’s location. It is not uncommon for the inspector to take photos of your car.

Do I have the right to conduct a personal evaluation?

You can hire a vehicle damage analyst. You’ll be the best if this happens. Insurance companies want to lower their costs. However, they may not be accurate in estimating your repairs. After paying compensation, they may be able to reduce the repair estimate. It is best to hire your own expert. This professional won’t have any incentive to lower the repair cost. You won’t have to worry about the amount your insurer pays.

Do I need to use my insurance company’s repair shop?

Suppose you survive a car accident. This question may be asked at some point. Let’s say your insurance policy states that you have to use their Tennessee repair shop. You have no choice but to use their repair shop. If it is not mandatory, then you will need to make a difficult decision. It is best to have all of the information. This will enable you to make the best decision. Below are the benefits of using the repair shop offered by your insurance versus one that is not.

It’s easy to get compensation

Insurance companies will only recommend repair shops that are affiliated with them. It is easier to recover repair costs when you have a professional relationship. The insurer is able to trust the repair shop and will not challenge their estimates. They’ll also cover any damage caused by accident to their vehicle.

These features will save you from the hassle of having to prove the accuracy of the repair shop’s estimates. Imagine that you have a good relationship with your insurance and your vehicle hasn’t sustained significant damage. It’s a good idea to follow your insurer’s preference in this instance.

How to Fix Repair Problems

When fixing vehicles that have been damaged in an accident, repair shops make many mistakes. The car’s condition can be worsened by their negligence. This could lead to additional costs for your vehicle’s restoration. It will be difficult to escape the financial consequences if your repair shop makes this error.

If the fault is from your insurance company’s repairer, however, it will be a different case. They will have to come up with a mutual solution. The financial consequences won’t be yours. Your vehicle will also be in excellent condition.

Repairing additional damage

Car repair shops sometimes discover additional damage in the course of repairs. This damage may not have been noticed during the initial assessment. It’s still connected to the accident. These additional damages will be covered by the insurance company if this happens.

They will usually need to create a supplemental damage estimate. Imagine that the repair shop has discovered additional damage. Your insurance company might deny any connection to the accident. They could, for example, claim that the accident was caused by a pre-existing condition.

Repairs cost

Car repair shops exist to make money. They often charge outrageous repair fees. You may also receive a bill that exceeds your insurance coverage. It will be difficult to recover this amount from your insurance company if this happens. It may be necessary to look for legal alternatives.

Your insurance company’s relationship to its repairer is a great advantage. They will most likely have multiple customers from your insurance company. They will only charge reasonable fees to keep this relationship. You may not be required to pay additional fees.

Can I trust my insurance company’s auto body shop?

You can be sure that your insurer will repair your vehicle correctly. Your insurer will do everything in their power to repair your vehicle properly. First, vehicles that are not maintained properly are more likely to be damaged in an accident. Second, having your car repaired quickly can cause even worse problems.

Your insurer will also have to cover these future repairs so your car should be properly maintained. A bad experience with your car can also be an indication of bad insurance. If your insurer refuses to fix your car properly, you could have a legal case against them. Smart insurers will avoid such situations at all costs.

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