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Auto Repair Tips – New Year’s Resolutions For Every Driver

Jan 11, 2023 | car tune-ups

automotive tips

This is the time of year when many of us make resolutions to ourselves to lose weight or save money, or improve our lives. Most of these resolutions are quickly forgotten by mid-January. However, there are some that can be kept if you spend a lot of time driving. Knowing when to get auto repair and maintenance will save you time and money all year long. These are five resolutions you can make for your vehicle this year. Miller Brothers Auto Repair will help you keep them.

Test your car battery twice a year

An average car battery should be replaced every few years. Premature failure is possible if your vehicle is used for long trips. To ensure your safety, we recommend that your vehicle’s battery is tested twice per year. Two annual battery checks will help you identify any issues and allow you to replace them if needed. A battery checkup will be part of a professional auto tune up service at Miller Brothers Auto Repair.

Inspect brake pads when getting an oil change

Not only are oil changes essential for your vehicle but functional brakes are also important. When you bring your car in for oil changes, consider it a full-service job. Also, be sure to inspect your brake pads. This simple addition can help to catch minor problems before they become major issues. A brake pad inspection every year is part of preventative maintenance that ensures your vehicle runs as safely as possible throughout the year.

Maintain a clean car from the inside out

It can be hard to maintain a clean car, especially with children. A clean car is a pleasant experience. Getting your car detailed a few times a year helps with keeping the looks department of your vehicle up to spec.

Do not wait for an oil change

Waiting for your vehicle to signal that it is time for an oil change can be risky. The average oil change should occur every six months. You don’t have to wait too long to have this job done. Most auto shops will tell you when the right mileage is for another oil change. If you notice that your vehicle is being driven more than usual, you may want to bring it in for an oil change in Corryton.

Get all necessary repairs

This is the year you should fix your vehicle’s minor or major problems. It is a dangerous decision to let repairs go and could lead to more costly repairs in the future. Get your vehicle checked and understand what repairs are required. Discuss the importance of each item with your auto mechanic, and then plan out auto repairs in an orderly fashion.

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