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Auto Repair Tips: Prevent Car Overheating, Keep Your Engine Cool

Jun 12, 2023 | auto repair

auto repair shop

auto repair shopAs the summer temperatures rise, it’s essential to ensure that your car’s engine stays cool and doesn’t overheat. Excessive heat can lead to costly repairs and disrupt your plans. Don’t wait for the temperature warning light to come on. Follow these auto repair tips to understand the causes of engine overheating, learn what to do if it happens to you, and take preventive measures to keep your engine cool throughout the summer.


Every engine has an optimal temperature range for optimal performance. When the engine gets too hot, it can lead to various issues and damage to engine components. It’s crucial to identify the causes of overheating and address them promptly.


Hot weather contributes to engine overheating, but it’s not the only one. Low coolant levels, cooling system leaks, a failing thermostat or water pump issues can all lead to engine overheating. If you notice steam coming from under the hood or your temperature gauge steadily rising, it’s important to take action immediately.

Auto Repair Tips: What To Do When Your Engine Overheats

If you’re driving and your engine starts to overheat, follow these steps:

Turn off the air conditioning: This reduces the strain on your engine and helps regulate its temperature.

Crank the heater and fan up to full blast: Although counterintuitive, this action helps transfer heat away from the engine, allowing it to cool down.

Top off the coolant cooling system: Add antifreeze or water to the cooling system to cool things off temporarily. Remember to handle the radiator cap with caution due to the pressure and hot water it contains.

Rev the engine: If you’re stuck in traffic or at a stoplight, put the car in park or neutral and bring the engine up to 1500 RPM. This helps move air and water through the radiator. Avoid using the brake pedal to allow continuous airflow.

Pull over: If the temperature gauge still rises, it’s time to pull over and contact a tow truck. Let the engine cool for at least 30 minutes before attempting any repairs. Have your vehicle towed to a mechanic for further assessment and car repairs.


Driving with an overheated engine can result in severe consequences, such as expensive head gasket repairs or a seized motor. It’s crucial to stop driving and have your vehicle towed to a mechanic for immediate attention.


To avoid being stranded with an overheated engine, take preventive measures:

Be prepared: Keep coolant and distilled water or pre-mixed coolant in your emergency road kit.

Check coolant level: Regularly check your coolant/antifreeze level and ensure you use the right mixture as specified in your owner’s manual.

Monitor the temperature gauge: Pay attention to your temperature gauge while driving. If it begins to rise, take action using the steps outlined above to cool your engine down.

Fix leaks: If you notice any antifreeze leaks, have them diagnosed and repaired promptly by a mechanic.

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