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Auto Maintenance: How to Prepare Your Car for Summer

May 5, 2023 | auto repair

auto maintenance

auto maintenanceThe warm summer weather can be tough on your vehicle. The heat expands the tire air and increases the cooling system’s workload. The harsh sun can cause hoses and belts to wear faster. You can reduce the damage that heat and sunlight do to your car by taking the proper precautions and regular auto maintenance.

Here are summer auto maintenance tips to “summerize” your vehicle. The majority of these tasks can be performed at home with minimal tools.

Summer Auto Maintenance Tips

1. Winter tires can be removed and the air pressure checked:

They are only useful in winter. Winter tires will also wear out much faster if you use them on warm, dried pavement. Use summer or all-season tires instead of winter tires.

The ideal would be to have two sets: one with winter tires, and the other with all-season or summer tires. It will save you the trouble and cost of having the summer tires remounted.

It is vital to regularly check your tire pressure, no matter what you are doing with your wheels. Properly inflated tires are essential. Proper inflation ensures that the tires have the best possible contact with the road. Incorrectly inflated tires can cause a tire to overheat and possibly blow out on the highway.

You can find out the correct tire pressure by checking your owner’s guide or the door jamb on the driver’s side. Check the tire pressure in the morning when the tires are still cold. Properly inflated tires will last longer and increase gas mileage.

auto maintenance2. You will need your air conditioner in the summer, but you probably didn’t use much of it in the winter:

Check if the A/C still blows cool air. Be alert to strange sounds or smells. You can check your air conditioner yourself or ask your mechanic to do so. It may be that the system needs cleaning, has a leak, or requires recharging.

3. You may have used wiper fluid to de-ice your windshield a lot:

If necessary, top of the wiper liquid reservoir. Some people may also opt for a product that clears the glass from bugs.

Also, check the wipers. We recommend that you replace these during the winter months, as the heat may dry out the rubber. If summer storms are frequent in your area you may want to consider replacing the wipers now. Check to see if the wipers streak the glass when you use the new washer fluid.

4. Under-the-hood Inspection:

Who can blame you for not having opened the hood during winter? Now that it’s warm enough to enjoy an afternoon outdoors, now is the time to inspect your car. Before you do this, make sure that the engine has cooled down. Check these items:

Battery: Check the terminals of your battery for corrosion. Baking soda and a brush can be used to remove the corrosion. Check the battery again in a few months to see if corrosion has returned. This could indicate a serious problem. The majority of modern batteries are “maintenance-free,” meaning they do not need to be filled with water.

Oil: In years past, it was common wisdom to use heavier oil during the summer months and a lighter one in the winter. This advice is old and should not be applied to cars built within the last 10-15 years. Modern cars require a very specific type of oil, and their engines are built to handle a wide temperature range with factory oil. Check your owner’s guide to find out what kind of oil you need for your vehicle.

You should take your car to be serviced by a reputable auto repair shop if you have a maintenance light on and if you have been putting it off due to cold weather. Check the oil level in the meantime. Check the oil level and top it off if it is low. Here are illustrated step-by-step instructions with a video to help you change your own oil.

Check the condition and level of the coolant. It should be clear and not cloudy. Use the pre-diluted mixes to make it easier.

You should not top off the brake fluid if the level appears low. The brake fluid level will often drop in proportion to the pad wear. If the fluid level is low, it could be an indication of a brake leak. In this case, topping off the fluid will only delay the inevitable. Take your car to a mechanic or dealer if you are running low on brake liquid. They can examine the brake system.

5. Wax and wash your car:

Road salts and grime left behind by melting snow can be hard on the clear coat, paintwork, and undercarriage of a vehicle. Summer is the perfect time to detail your car. A sunny weekend is the best time to wash your car. The job will also last longer. You can take your car to a car wash for a detailed cleaning.

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