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Auto Maintenance: Keep Your Car Running Smoothly in the Hot Weather

Jun 27, 2024 | Auto maintenance

auto maintenance

auto maintenanceWith the summer solstice fast approaching, the days are getting hotter and sunnier. This intense heat can have various effects on your car, often causing significant wear and tear on its parts. Additionally, the sweltering temperatures can lead to problems with the air conditioning system. As a result, many drivers face a range of challenges during the peak summer months. And, that’s why auto maintenance is essential.

Fortunately, there are some easy steps you can take to keep your car running smoothly in hot weather. With regular auto service and maintenance, you can ensure that your vehicle is prepared for any weather conditions this season.

Auto Maintenance Tips For Summer

Tip 1: Use the Right Fluids

First, regularly check your car’s fluids and ensure that you’re using the appropriate type for each component. For example, engine oil should be replaced periodically according to your vehicle’s specifications. If you’re unsure, consult with your auto mechanic or refer to your owner’s manual. Additionally, using the right antifreeze/coolant is crucial as it helps prevent overheating and keeps various components functioning smoothly.

Tip 2: Monitor Tire Pressure

Then, as temperatures increase, tire pressure also rises – typically about one pound per square inch (PSI) for every 10-degree increase in temperature. So, keep an eye on your tires and check the pressure every few weeks.

Ensure to check the pressure when the tires are cold (i.e., before you’ve driven the car for at least a few hours) to get an accurate measurement. Additionally, tire pressure that’s too low or high may lead to lower fuel efficiency and other performance issues.

auto mechanicTip 3: Keep Your Cooling System Clean

Next, your car’s cooling system takes on a vital role in circulating coolant through the engine to help it operate without any problems even during extreme temperatures. To maintain this system properly, periodically clean out any debris or contaminants. Overlooking this can lead to blockages and overheating. Moreover, be sure to consult with your local mechanic about any specific maintenance needs related to your cooling system.

Tip 4: Stay Current on Routine Auto Maintenance

As summer approaches, it’s important to remember that scheduled auto maintenance in Knoxville TN is essential to keeping you cool on the road. High temperatures can strain your car’s engine and cooling system, making regular auto maintenance even more crucial during the summer months.

By keeping up with auto maintenance tasks like tire rotations, inspection of cooling system, and and oil changes, you can prevent potential problems and ensure a smoother and cooler driving experience.

Tip 5: Use Heat-Reflective Car Accessories

Additionally, consider incorporating heat-reflective car accessories to make driving more comfortable during the summer. These accessories, designed to reflect the sun’s rays and reduce heat build-up inside your vehicle, can make a significant difference.

Products like steering wheel covers, tinted window shades, and sun-reflecting windshield covers not only keep your car cooler but also protect the interior from sun damage and fading.

By following these simple tips, you can help ensure that your car remains in good condition during hot weather and beyond. So, investing in regular auto service in Knoxville TN and maintenance is the key to keeping your vehicle running optimally.

It’s also an effective way to prevent major problems from arising down the road. Therefore, make sure you give your vehicle the attention it needs this summer – and enjoy worry-free driving all season long!

Are you looking for a dependable mechanic to provide scheduled car maintenance at an affordable price? Contact Miller Brothers Transmission Auto Repair and Body Shop today and keep your car running smoothly all summer long!

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